The 534th Blood Drive held at NHS Blood and Transplant Edgware Donor Center

The 534th Blood Drive held at NHS Blood and Transplant Edgware Donor Center

Worldwide Blood Drive to give life through the Love of the Passover

The 534th Blood Drive was held at NHS Blood and Transplant Edgware donor center on 28 Feb. 2016. Members of the World Mission Society Church of God in London have gathered at the donor center in the early morning. Every year, World Mission Society Church of God hosts blood drive throughout the world to share the love of the Passover with neighbours. Since blood is directly connected with life and there is no substitute, it is always in high demand. Stocking the adequate amount of all types of blood units is a mission not only across UK but other countries as well. In order to help the local communities and to set a good example as children of God, the members of the World Mission Society Church of God throughout the world happily rolled up their sleeves to participate in the blood drive.

Save Lives, Give Blood!

Blood donation from one person(1 pint) can help save or transform up to three lives. But not many people are aware of this fact or simply never had a chance to donate blood before. Through this event, the members also came to realise the necessity and importance of blood donation. According to NHS Blood and Transplant, they need to collect 1.6 million units of blood each year to meet the needs of patients across England. However, the number of new donors are decreasing every year due to the busy life and lack of awareness. Whilst NHS Blood and Transplant is making every effort to promote and raise awareness through various campaigns, the World Mission Society Church of God in Manchester, London, and New Castle have been hosting the blood drive for several years to support. The members not only participate in the event themselves but also invite their relatives, friends, and neighbours to take part in good deeds.

“Well done!”

Some of the members seemed nervous at first, but the staff made them feel comfortable by talking to them and making them laugh. After the donation, they offered donors lots of cookies, biscuits and drinks which made them feel even better. Soon the center was filled with laughter of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Daniel, a member of London church said after he donated,

“Through this event I came to realise how important it is to donate blood. I feel so happy that my small effort can save up to 3 people’s lives. For the next blood drive, I will ask all my colleagues to come with me!”

Following the footsteps of God

2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ came to this earth and walked among us, teaching the truth of life. Then He sacrificed his life and shed his precious blood on the cross to save all mankind. The New Covenant Passover is the life-giving Feast which Jesus Christ established with his own blood. However, this precious truth of the Passover was abolished in A.D. 325 at the Council of Nicea and had been forgotten by the people for centuries. Now in this age, the truth of the Passover has been restored in the World Mission Society Church of God and the members of the Church of God are following the footsteps of God the Father and Mother. Just as Christ gave us spiritual life through his blood, the members of the Church of God are saving lives through their blood. Furthermore, it is also the teaching of Heavenly Mother to help others, especially those in need and despair. They hope to save not only the physical lives, but also the spiritual lives through these events.

We will post the next schedule of blood drive on our website. Come and join us for the blood donation-you can be a hero!

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They have done good thing for neighbors and comunity following God’s teachings. There are many kinds of way to share God’s love with neighbors. I also want to be one of them who shine Elohim God’s glory!

A few weeks ago, I took part in this kind of blood donation with my friends. It was so good for all of us. We met many people who truly want to be supporters for community.

They had demonstrate a gd deed. As God came to this earth to give us his bloos to receive eternal life. So they follow God Teaching as what Elohim God had done for us. It is rare to see people set good examples

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