[Bury Times] Highest accolade

[Bury Times] Highest accolade

Highest accolade

A VOLUNTARY group which spends many hours cleaning up in Bury has been recognized by the Queen.
The World Mission Society Church of God (UK ZION) based in Old Trafford is a group of volunteers who work across Manchester and the surrounding areas helping out.
Their tasks include care-home visiting, clean-up campaigns, graffiti removal, youth festivals and blood drives.
The group received the highest voluntary accolade in the UK: the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.
Anna McNichol, volunteer co-ordinator, said: “We do what we do for the local community not for any accolades, so to be recognized and by the queen is amazing. We knew we had been short-listed but weren’t expecting to win. I’m so pleased for all the volunteers because they work so hard.”
The group has 250 volunteers all vital in keeping their work going.
Michael King and Kim Joo-cheol, from the World Mission Society Church of God, attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace last month, where they met the Queen and other winners.

Bury Times

16  June 2016

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