7593th Visit Care Homes for Senior Citizens

7593th Visit Care Homes for Senior Citizens

Share the Love of God with Neighbours

The World Mission Society Church of God share the love of God with Neighbours who are isolated and are in need. They visit care homes for the senior citizens and welfare facilities for the disabled people to console and encourage them. They prepare various performances to please the audience. All members participate in every activities with sincere heart so that they can feel the love of Heavenly Father and Mother who want to save all 7 billion people.

Care Home Visit

Every single one of us-regardless of the age-is an important member of society. In order to console and encourage the senior citizens who reside in care homes, the members of the church of God prepared various performances. They sang and danced with the songs that senior citizens like, and handed out small gifts to them. All those who attended the event were deeply moved and thanked the members for visiting them.

They are the light and the salt of this world who follow the example of Christ. The World Mission Society Church of God will continue to extend the helping hands to those in need and spread the love of God by doing good deeds.

Please click here to see more of the volunteer activities being carried out throughout the world.

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Look at their faces!
I can feel that WMSCOG members do this with willing and joyful mind!
It is true Mother’s Love!

Who on earth can urge these people to do this great thing? And, who can make this bright smile on their faces? Impossible. They did this from the bottom of their hearts. Truly amazing.

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