London Church of God Delivers Donation to Kingston Fire Station

London Church of God Delivers Donation to Kingston Fire Station

A Big Thank You to Kingston Fire Station Firefighters

On 5 March 2017, representatives of the World Mission Society Church of God in London visited the Kingston Fire station. The Kingston Fire station is a branch of the London Fire Brigade (LFB). The Church members delivered a donation which consisted of snacks and healthy drinks, with sincere hearts.  Their motive was to show their gratitude and appreciation to the firefighters. Especially, the Church of God wanted to let the firefighters know the hard work they perform in serving the community does not go unnoticed.

Appreciation message to the fire station watchers

Pastor Joshua Kim delivered an introductory speech about the Church of God to the watchers at the fire station. He explained the purpose of the visit and donations. His speech included the following words:

“Our earnest wish is to serve our community with Mother’s love in following the examples of Christ and the teachings of the Bible…..the work you do is really exemplary, we are honoured to be here with you today”.

The Church of God also introduced themselves to the firefighters through various videos. Subsequently, Andy Walton, the station manager at the Kingston fire station, gave the members encouragement saying:

“We appreciate them coming to see us today and we thank them for their gift which was very much appreciated by the watchers at the station, and will be distributed between everybody at the station. So thank you for your visit today and good luck with your work.”

Mother’s Love to the Whole World

The firefighters welcomed the members warmly. They introduced them to the daily duties of firefighters, and to the history of the Kingston Fire Station. During the visit, the members realized that the firefighter role is much varied than most people think. They no longer just put out fires and rescue people from burning buildings. Their role also includes dealing with hazardous materials, natural disasters, road traffic collisions and terrorist attacks.

The Church of God is very grateful to have the opportunity to encourage the members of their community. As a result, they will continue to work together to make this world a better place with Mother’s love.

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